Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of Lavish Loyalty?
    Lavish Loyalty is designed to help businesses grow in support of each other through collaboration, innovation and presenting commercial opportunities. Businesses that join are called Partners because the values of the platform revolve around support and encouragement.
  • Is there any way to view reviews of other partners?
    Reviews can be a double-edged sword in that negative reviews can be harmful to a business reputation. For that reason, our values encourage positivity. Each partner has a profile page which displays any reviews that have been left by other partners. Partners are encouraged to leave a review only when they have a good experience with another partner. If someone has constructive feedback to help another partner improve their offering, they should provide that discretely using the platform messaging system.
  • How can I use the messaging system?
    The messaging system can be used to pursue commercial relationships with other partners. It should not be used to spam all other partners offering your services as there are other platforms for that sort of time wasting. This messaging system should be more personal. If you are inclined to copy and paste messages from one to another and just change their name, you are really missing the point. Local members are encouraged to arrange face to face meetings using the calendar link insert button and inter-state partners are encouraged to arrange an online meeting using the link insert button for that too.
  • How do the link insert buttons work?
    In your profile settings you can insert your links to your Zoom, Google Meet etc. and your Calendly, Google Calendar etc. After they have been added in your profile settings you will have buttons for those links visible in the messaging area for you to quickly insert your links and then when a partner clicks the links they will open in a new page.
  • How does the loyalty system work?
    The loyalty system is a what comes around goes around mates-rates system. All partners can provide special offers for other partners. In return they will receive advertised special offers from all participating partners globally.
  • How do I prove my business is a participating partner?
    1. In your profile settings you need to set your special offers to display on your profile page for all partners to see.
    2. Click the button to activate your virtual card.
    3. Submit your payment details securely through the Stripe portal to activate your subscription.
    4. After you have submitted your payment details a Lavish Loyalty admin will view your details to ensure you are representing a legitimate business within 24 hours.
    5. The Lavish Loyalty admin will activate your virtual card which will become visible each time you activate your virtual card from then on.
    6. Show the virtual card in-person or copy and paste it to an email to redeem your discounts. Each time the card is generated it will display the current date to negate people screen shotting the virtual card and re-using it without a valid subscription.
  • Is there a way of using Lavish Loyalty on my phone?
    Lavish Loyalty is a web app, which means you can download the app to your home screen on your phone on Android and IOS devices then use your biometrics to log in. You should receive a prompt to download the app when you access the website on your phone for the first time. You will also see an option to download the app in the browser settings or there may be a download icon in the address bar.
  • What special offers should I set?
    The special offer you set is completely up to you and will be dependent on the products and services you offer. You may set a % discount from the sale, a free initial consultation, a $ amount discount on certain products, etc. You need to balance the effect of encouraging loyal interactions without being a financial burden. You can test and adjust your special offer at any time in your profile settings.
  • What if there are not any other local partners to interact with?
    If you do not see a benefit from receiving discounts due to lack of local partners, you can very easily revert to the free version and wait until more local members become active then reactivate your subscription at a later date. Lavish Loyalty is a global platform so you can use your virtual card to redeem discounts when you travel and you can pursue commercial relationships with inter-state partners. It is also a great opportunity for you to earn free months of subscription by referring other locals that don’t know about Lavish Loyalty yet.
  • How do I benefit from the referral rewards system?
    Advise anyone you refer to type your business name in the Referred By field on their registration form when they create their account. Your account will be credited 1 month for every 2 successful referrals and these credits will accrue even if you don’t have an active subscription. When you first begin your subscription, your credits will be applied to give you free months of access to your virtual card. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • How are my subscription payments handled?
    Your payment details are handled securely through a Stripe API. At no stage are your card details stored in our database. If you are using Google Chrome browser, GPay will activate automatically if you have allowed it to capture your payment details.
  • Is bartering a feature of the platform?
    In your profile settings you can elect that you are interested in bartering or not. This will be displayed on your profile page. If you are interested in bartering, you may receive messages from people with bartering proposals that you can pursue if you choose to do so.
  • What if I don’t want to use the platform for networking and just want to use the loyalty aspect?
    This is completely fine as many people don’t have time to check messages and communicate effectively on their social media. In your profile settings you can set your account to passive mode which displays on your profile page that you may not reply to messages. We advise to set an advertised discount in passive mode or else there would be no reason for other partners to interact loyally with your business.
  • Why can I only post on the public billboard once a week?
    This feature is to discourage non-commerce related posting. There are other platforms made for motivational posts and funny cat videos. Lavish Loyalty is designed for commerce only. It is intentionally simple to save you time.
  • What if my billboard post is too far down the list for others to find it?
    Your most recent billboard post is displayed on your profile page for all to see if they are researching your business.
  • How do I find other partners to network with?
    The platform has an internal search function. The search is intuitive, so it displays all partners then removes those that don’t apply as you type in the search bar. You can search by business name, location or any keyword and any combination of these to really narrow down your results then click on any of the results to view their profile page.
  • How do the keywords work?
    In your profile settings you can set your own keywords you think other partners may use when they are searching for your products or services. You can also include your own location keywords too. This is particularly useful to include the name of a shopping center if you have a shop front in there then partners will find you if they search for that shopping center.
  • How can I offer my services to Lavish Loyalty?
    All outsourcing for Lavish Loyalty will be sourced from partners with an active subscription. If you have emailed offering your services and not received a reply now you know why.
  • How do I join?
    1. Just click on Register on the homepage then enter your details and whoever referred you if applicable then click Register Now.
    2. You will then receive an email which contains a link to click for email verification. Click that link and then you will be able to login.
    3. Click Profile Settings at the top of the page then enter as much detail as you can to help other partners find you and properly set up your account to make the most of the platform.
  • What ways can I help grow the community faster?
    1. It is always helpful to receive positive reviews on Google or other popular platforms.
    2. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and successful referrals are rewarded.
    3. Feel free to post about Lavish Loyalty on your socials and use the hashtags #lavishloyalty #commercecaffienated #itworksbothways
    4. If you are happy to provide a testimonial to appear on the landing page that would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Please just message your testimonial to Lavish Loyalty using the platform messaging system.
  • What if I have any other questions?
    You can always email your queries to and someone will reply within 24 hours.