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From The Founder

Hello and welcome to Lavish Loyalty, I am Travis, the founder.

I hope Lavish Loyalty helps you grow your business and improve your quality of life.

Lavish Loyalty is a community driven mates rates loyalty system for businesses.

My vision is to help businesses grow by enabling loyalty, collaboration and innovation.

Platform tools help businesses come to any mutually beneficial arrangement you can think of.

Your potential is only limited by your imagination.

Your time will not be wasted with motivational posts and funny cat videos. There are other platforms for that.

Lavish Loyalty® is specifically designed to enable commercial opportunities for you.

Gain new loyal customers and save expenses.

It works both ways®

Real Life Scenarios

Passive Online Exposure

A digital design business is able to work remotely and wants to boost their number of clients organically. On the Lavish Loyalty platform they can set an advertised discount then let the platform do its job without any ongoing maintenance. Other partners will find them and contact when services required. There is also the added benefit of receiving discounts from all other participating partners.

Active Networking

To get the most benefit from the platform a business can set an advertised discount, posts on the billboard then message other local businesses to build a relationship. The added interaction and care taken will create new commercial opportunities.

Free Networking

A restaurant needs to get treated for pests and finds a local pest control business that is open to bartering. By offering a family meal in exchage for the pest treatment the restaurant pays for the service using the cost of their produce and overheads that were already there regardless. The pest control business sometimes has staff sitting at the office waiting for their next job so by accepting they improve quality of life while reducing idle labour.

Poor/Ineffective Use

The platform will not magically grow your business without you offering anything to support the community. If you do not set an advertised discount or engage with other partners you are doing nothing to encourage loyal interactions. The platform is designed to work best for businesses that offer something to support others in the community and loyalty is a result of that. It works both ways®

For more information have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions