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What is Lavish Loyalty®?

Lavish Loyalty® is a B2B Networking & Decentralised Loyalty Platform for Business Owners.

Find other partners & message directly for decentralised commerce.

Decentralised loyalty encourages partners to purchase within the community wherever possible.

Simple interface & purpose designed for real commerce between business owners.

Partners gain new loyal customers & save money on personal & business expenses.

It works both ways®

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Gain more customers

All partners are rewarded for purchasing within the community.

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Reduce wastage

Move idle stock and improve employee productivity.

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Grow your network

Increase exposure to inter-state clients and like-minded locals.

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Improve cash-flow

Increase leads, make deals, reduce wastage and save money.

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Nothing to lose

Free for life

*For first 1000 partners only

Create your business profile

Membership on us

Complementary membership for life.

Free access to sensational networking tools and decentralised loyalty system

FREE for life *Offer valid for a limited time only

In the future new partners will happily pay a monthly subscription fee but not you if you join today.

Grow Your Network Today

Web App

Web app makes the platform easy to access on smartphone devices.

Virtual Member Card

One loyalty card generated on your mobile device can be used to redeem discounts from all partcipating partners.

Easy Validation

Simply check that the date on the virtual member card is the current date to prove validity.

Improve commerce

All the tools you need to find other partners, make deals, exchange referrals, barter and promote loyal interactions.


Removes the barriers of distance and communication. Potential benefits are only limited by the imagination of the community.

Example Use Cases

Online Exposure

Julie owns a digital design business and is able to work remotely. She wants to boost her number of clients leveraging her ability to service clients without any face to face meetings required. After joining Julie begins to receive more requests from inter-state business owners as a result of her Lavish Loyalty partnership.


Angela owns a restaurant and needs to get it treated for pests. She searches pest in the search and finds a local pest control business owned by Tom. On inspection of Tom's profile page she can see they are open to bartering so Angela offers Tom a free family meal in exchage for the pest treatment using the platform messaging system. Tom sometimes has staff sitting at the office waiting for their next job so he accepts the offer and sends one of those idle staff to do the job. Angela therefore pays for the service using the cost of her produce and staff that were there getting paid regardless. Tom gets a free family meal, improving quality of life, while gaining a new loyal customer and reducing idle labour.


Andrew would be classed as an early adopter and does what he can to get the most benefit from the platform. He refers business owners he already knows to the platform and reaches out to many local business owners on the platform and builds a relationship. He gains many more loyal customers. He receives discounts in his daily life when he buys coffee, gets his lawn mowed, pool cleaned, house cleaned, takes his pets to the vet, eats out at restaurants etc. He has improved his quality of life, improved his cash-flow and the value of his business has increased as a result of his Lavish Loyalty partnership.

*Examples based on the founders' vision of mass adoption.



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