Lavish Loyalty® is the home of genuine reciprocal business relationships
Collaborate, Innovate and Grow in this supportive business community.

Member Benefits

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Gain more customers

All partners are rewarded for purchasing within the community.

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Reduce wastage

Move idle stock and improve employee productivity.

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Grow your network

Increase exposure to inter-state clients and like-minded locals.

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Improve cash-flow

Increase leads, make deals, reduce wastage and save money.

30 Day Free Trial

Full access for 30 days on us.

Unlock your virtual card today to receive discounts from other partners.

No lock in contract

Web App

Web app makes the platform easy to access on smartphone devices.

Virtual Member Card

One loyalty card generated on your mobile device can be used to redeem discounts from all partcipating partners.

Easy Validation

Simply check that the date on the virtual member card is the current date to prove validity.

Improve commerce

All the tools you need to find other partners, make deals, exchange referrals, barter and promote loyal interactions.


Removes the barriers of distance and communication. Potential benefits are only limited by the imagination of the community.

What is Lavish Loyalty®?

Lavish Loyalty® is a first of its kind networking and loyalty platform for businesses.

For small businesses like yours, marketing platforms are dominated by a few key players and none of which are passive or easy to use. In fact you need to take the time to create content and/or pay an expert to use them effectively.

Lavish Loyalty provides a user friendly and passive alternative to these platforms to save you time and money.

Lavish Loyalty® blends social media characteristics with a new loyalty system which provides incentive for users to purchase within the community, creating passive leads with people that are looking to buy immediately.

Sign up today and join others that are taking advantage of our introductory 30 day free trial.

Lavish Loyalty® is the best way to save time and money while you grow your business.

Basic Membership Loyalty Membership
Free $10/month
Partner Directory Listing
Partner Search
Partner Direct Messaging
Advertise on Billboard
Business Profile Page
Access to Virtual Card to Receive Discounts

For only 50 cents a day you can access your virtual card to redeem real discounts from other partners.
Why not try it out for 30 days on us?

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